General conditions for joining us:

  • Are you a naturally beautiful, fit, successful young professional with excellent breeding and a university education?
  • Perhaps you’re a rising star or an established public identity needing a discreet, supplementary income with strict confidentiality?
  • Obviously career success doesn’t always equate to a large/ steady income in certain industries. If you’re already successful, and dream of leading a more independent, stress-free and affluent lifestyle, then you’re in the right place to make that happen.
  • If you’re quite at home in fine restaurants and luxurious environments, and find the company of a sophisticated, affluent gentleman genuinely enjoyable, you may be suitable for an exclusive arrangement with Luxury Models Agency Dubai .
  • Enjoy elegant dinner dates, relaxing yoga spa weekends and luxury vacations with interesting, discerning gentlemen, on your own schedule. We work together, you don’t work ‘for’ us.
  • If you are more interested in being ‘busy’ than creating special connections with a select few high end gentlemen, you may be contacting the wrong agency. Our models meet less gentlemen, for a higher fee, remaining fresh and feminine. Our callers are happy to pay a premium for exclusive and fresh companions. The need to be constantly booked is that of a traditional per-hour call girl, with whom we do not work.
  • You should be pursuing a full time career, where occasional highly paid dates and travel bookings can be accommodated on the side.
  • For a feminine young woman seeking elegant adventures in a stylish setting, our elite VIP escort/ travel companion agency provides the perfect avenue: Full training, security, selected generous gentlemen and 100% support. Our security is strong, and your safety is our 1 priority.
  • This should be a fun, exciting time in your life.
  • We source and arrange dinner dates and vacations for you with very generous, polite VIPs and international high end executives who are thoroughly screened. We have a dinner-til-breakfast minimum, and we don’t provide hundreds of brief meetings like a traditional service-focused escort agency. We actually prefer the word ‘companion’, really, as ‘escort’ conjures up distasteful connotations for many people, and attracts the wrong crowd.
  • Still, marketing being what it is these days, all manner of phrases need to be included for search results. Regardless, we provide genuinely high quality engagements between VIP gentlemen & ladies, where the focus is on a mutually beautiful experience and connection. The luxury and income are a bonus. ; )  Enjoy lucrative annual earnings and a wonderful life experience of world travel and luxury.
  • If we’ve piqued your interest, then we’ll be delighted to receive your application. However please read this entire page to ensure you meet our clients’ requirements, as we are highly selective. We have to be, because our clients are.

Fill in the questionnaire

-Thank you for visiting our page
-If you are a Top Model, Luxury Escort, Miss Universe, Instagram influencer with over 10,000 followers who looks great you are welcome in our agency
-Conditions: You must be over 18 years old, know how to speak at least English, intelligence, a body and attractive manners
-We work with a 40% commission.
-Customers pay our commission 40% in advance on behalf of the agency
- The remaining 60% of your money is offered in cash by the customer
-There are cases where customers pay the full amount 100% to our account
-In these cases you must have a bank account in which we transfer 60% to your account
-For travel to other countries the client is obliged to pay: Airline tickets, hotel accommodation, food, clothes you need, etc.
-If we do not reply by e-mail or watssap within 48 hours, it means that you have not been accepted .