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How to Become an Escorts Favorite Client

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The thrill, the intimacy, the kink, the fantasy; these are just some of the reasons to seek escort services. Since the escorts are professionals, they are trained and experienced to meet your specific needs. Combined with the fact that you get to choose the one with the qualities you desire, they are the perfect woman every man would want to have an erotic experience with. It is even better if the escort makes you their favorite client, giving you special services that she normally wouldn’t offer. You would then want to have this particular escort on more and more dates, events, trips, and even partie

While it is ultimately up to the escort to decide who she adds to her favorite list, there are a few things one could do to increase their chances. Below are a few of these tips you could apply to land this privileged position:

Get Her a Gift

A gift makes the heart warm and tender, and the High Class escorts are no different. Though it is not mandatory to get your lady a gift, this is a gesture that will help with your impression as a gentleman, and probably distinguish you from other clients. Some escorts have a list of preferred gifts and brands, but you can choose to gift her with whatever you deem fit. All that matters is the generosity with which the gift is given and not necessarily the gift itself. It is good to keep in mind that any gift given will be paid in kind by the escort.

Be Well Kempt

Just like yourself, the model is attracted to your physical appearance. She will especially appreciate it if you not only dress well but are very clean and smell even more sophisticated. In fact, research shows that woman find nice-smelling men more attractive. Neat, clean nails, well-pressed threads, and stylish shoes also go a long way in making a lasting impression. Which lady wouldn’t want to meet such an elegant man again? It also makes the bedroom more exciting for her and she will be even more enthusiastic to make a memorable night for you.

Treat Her like a Lady

Many times, it is easy to forget that the escort is a sophisticated lady just like any other you would take on a date. Greeting her with a hug and a peck on the cheek will go a long way in warming her to you. These initial gestures of warmness create a very good impression on the escort. How you make a person feel is often more important than anything you tell them. Even when you take her to a restaurant with exotic seafood , what she will remember most are the little gestures like opening the door for her, pulling out a seat for her at the table and complimenting her.

Be Good in Bed

While you don’t have to pull acrobatics in bed to impress her, you will make her want to see you again if your performance is above average. Ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by the pressure of the moment as she will understand if you are not a love machine. To get rid of any fears, be open with her about them and she will know how to make it awesome for you. You will then have the confidence to relax and let her lead you through what could turn out to be the most pleasurable encounter of your life.

By applying the tips above with confidence, you will also be the perfect gentleman that the escort will look forward to having another date with.

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