Selling Business

Selling Business - Terms and Conditions

Hello gentlemen, our agency has been put up for auction

As you can see, our agency is an Exclusive Elite agency that only works with: Vip Escorts, Instagram Models, Miss Universe Celebrities, Models who sell their virginity, etc.

The business is sold as a package with the site: Luxury Models Celebrity Vip
On the Celebrity site, there are only Instagram Models, Miss Universe, Miss World, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, etc… who work for a lot of money: Price Starts: 10,000 – 50,000 Euro per day or more

As you can see, it is a more special and unique strategy compared to other escort agencies

1. We only work with an advance deposit of 40% to eliminate clients who are not serious and to offer a 100% guarantee to the escort/model that the client arrives at the reservation made

2. We work 70% with Instagram models / not cheap escorts / because they are the most requested nowadays

3. Earn money even without the client reserving a model from the Subscription on the Celebrity website:

Half of the customers generally pay to see which private Instagram models are on the site: Money is not refundable if no model is booked

4. If you have no experience in the field, we teach you how to manage: announcements, promotions and everything that interests you

Start Auction Price: 500,000 Euro – 10,000,000 Euro

Our conditions are: If the client comes with an offer and wants to see the private part as well: That is, the Site with Private Instagram Models, Miss Universe Singers, Actors, Entrepreneurs, business women looking for investors, Instagram and media influencers, an advance guarantee of at least 10% of the amount.

To have a 100% guarantee that you are rich, serious and interested.

Because I know that many customers will come and say:

I want to buy it, I’m interested, but I want access to private sites to see if it’s worth it and what models you have, these are a kind of scammers who want to see for free what’s on the private site.

5. We cannot reveal the annual profit: but a short calculation: only 1 customer per day to pay a subscription of 1000 euros or 450 euros on the private site: Your profit for 1 year 350,000 – 500,000 euros

Here I mean without any reservation of escorts or models

But the reality is that there are customers who book for 2-30 days or more
So for a 7-day reservation with the cheapest Escort = 50,000 Euros in total: So 30,000 Euros for the Model and 20,000 Euros for the Agency

Reason for Sale:
The director who owns the agency has invested in other businesses in other fields and no longer has time to manage the Models / Escorts agency.

WhatsApp: +4917664221159