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100% authenticity & integrity are important to us. *
Model Escort Fees:

Please contact to be quoted for the elite escort models’ fees.
Our elegant, exclusive companions request a minimum date time, dinner til late breakfast*.   While some people may consider our models expensive, others appreciate a high priced arrangement in order to guarantee exceptional quality. We appreciate that everyone seeks different things from their companion experience. While there are always more affordable options, we cater for the very selective. 

Model Celebrity Booking Information

Our high end escort service is aimed at catering for selective gentlemen and VIP of high social class, for whom quality is more important than price. Our well-bred, beautiful courtesans and companions are accustomed to catering for these high standards, and generally maintain a first class lifestyle themselves.

Our carefully selected natural beauties offer warm, erudite attention to suitable high net worth gentlemen. They tend to shy away from any standards or treatment lower than those to which they are accustomed. Accomplished gentlemen of class will naturally understand these boundaries and respect them. If you appreciate a woman of refinement & substance as opposed to a per-hour escort, look no further.  We create beautiful experiences.

While many people book invitations from a weekend to a week or two, for the busy gentleman, we happily accommodate a dinner-til-breakfast introduction (up to 6 hours). Enjoy sensual city visits, fun sight seeing tours, romantic dinners etc. Thank you for respecting the ladies’ time. We cater for those seeking a proper, tasteful date.

Different Calibers of Model Celebrity

The differences in the galleries reflect the model companions’ overall quality. Considerations include their social and career status, their education level, sophistication and charm, their elegance, charisma, beauty, fitness, allure, style, life experience, and more. Our entry level courtesans are classic high quality, above average women, more discreet than the mainstream ‘high class escort’ standard. Models and  Celebrities are even more exceptional.

As a guide, you should select someone similar to your own level of sophistication. Regardless, our accomplished models and career ladies are all captivating, doting and genuinely responsive. You can expect to engage with a warm, fresh & friendly lady, as opposed to enduring a robotic experience. A model’s fee will be in  Euro, depending on the courtesans’ nearest local currency and the length of time you wish to spend with her. Celebrity companions’ fees are in Euro only, starting at

  • Start Prices :
  • 24 hours – 6,000 – 100,000 Euro 
  • 7 days – 30,000 – 500,000 Euro
  • 14 days – 50,000 – 1,000,000 Euro 
  • The prices on the website are not fixed : If you make an offer and the model agrees, we can help you
  • We are not an agency that has its own prices:
    In our Agency, the Model asks as much as she wants
    That’s why we have some models that have very high prices

Your account may be settled with either direct remittance to one of the discreet billing companies, or via major credit card. Pleaase contact  for information on quotes and personalized packages. For VIP Membership, please contact us here.

Further Information

Direct transfers are welcome for settling accounts.
We also accept the following credit cards, subject to conditions:

Additional transport fee may apply

A small surcharge applies for major credit card payment. (visa, mastercard, american express)
Please allow us to offer you this currency converter with which to assess your own currency pricing (it will open a new window for your convenience).

Answer To An Occasional Question

  •  What is my guarantee that the model will arrive when I send payment?
  • This question, occasionally posed to us by new visitors, is understandable, yet absurd in the face of our excellent reputation. Your guarantee with Luxury Models Agency Dubai  is exactly the same as any other high end company with which you do business. The billing company with which you will be dealing is made available to you at each time of payment, or when you sign a non-disclosure agreement for celebrity meetings. However we offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity, which we take seriously. Honesty and integrity are extremely important to us.

We frequently cater for very big names internationally, and have a flawless reputation for integrity and professionalism with our elite UHNWI clientele. We do not provide (or promise to provide) anything Illegal  so you have exactly the same recourse as you would with any other company, should you find yourself without a date. However this will NEVER happen. We are highly professional, and so are all our courtesan models.

Since most people are referred to us by word of mouth, this is not a common question, however we wanted to include this response for those who may feel concerned. Please feel free to send us a message for further detailed information, or to confirm the authenticity of our company. While our website may be copied by others, you should be able to verify the authenticity of our company via the quality of our correspondence. We personally guarantee with our collective word of honor, that everything will go as smoothly for you, as it does for any of our other gentlemen. We can’t wait to make you smile.

Terms and conditions

Dubai Agency Luxury Models and Management offers competitive long-term or short-term relationships for exclusive high-class luxury companions and a VIP travel service through which luxury companions will travel to you anywhere in the world. Our luxury models are Famous Celebrities and their individual rates and terms and conditions may vary. The minimum commitment is 2 days. Some models also have a minimum booking time of 7 days, especially for travel commitments. We would be happy to advise you on fees and terms and conditions for your chosen model. If the reservation is not made within the next 24 hours, you can send us an email with your real name, phone number and email address and we will contact you. We are extremely discreet and we will keep your contact details only upon request. No unsolicited contact will be made after booking and we will arrange to contact you in the most convenient way for you. Our rates are based on EUR. Travel costs are not included. Our terms are full payment at the beginning of the meeting with the model of your choice. Travel costs (train, taxis, plane ticket, etc.) are NOT included in our rates. Please allow a flat rate of 40% which is transferred to our account to guarantee that you are a serious customer.


CARD and CASH: Preferred EUR. AED, GBP, CHF and USD at the daily exchange rate. ACCOUNT bank details will be sent by e-mail or WhatsApp

It can be paid by: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum


For all data involving the model traveling outside the city of residence, we request 40% – ACCOUNT, advance to confirm the reservation by bank transfer and full travel expenses in advance if the trip is by plane. The balance must be given in cash to the model upon arrival.

If canceled by the model for unforeseen reasons (illness, accident, etc.), your advance will be refunded 100% on your credit card or bank transfer.

In case of cancellation by you 24 hours before the meeting, your advance will be kept, including all travel expenses already paid. Cancellation 48 hours before the meeting entitles you to a refund, except for any travel costs already paid.


If the model is not suitable for you upon arrival, you have the right to cancel the date within the first 10 minutes, but the 40% guarantee sent by ACCOUNT is non-refundable.

If the model wishes to cancel the date for any reason, she is completely free to do so, but must inform the agency immediately in your presence.

Previous telephone contact with a model is not possible. Of course, we will pass on your requirements to the girl you are going to see. Keep in mind that they have chosen a luxury company agency to avoid private contact before and after the date

Inciting the model to use illegal substances or too much alcohol is strictly forbidden. We remind you that during the contracted services, the model is fully under your protection and care.

Filming or taking photos of the model is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise agreed with the agency on behalf of the model.

To ensure that we can pay full attention to our valuable members, membership is now by invitation only.

Our management meets monthly to evaluate new applications.

Please contact us or apply through one of the membership levels below.

An exclusive membership environment protects everyone from decision-makers and waste of time. Our secret circle also allows you to enjoy many benefits for members only. (Least chance of invitation to “supermodel weekends” Instagram celebrities).

You must be a member to invite a model, we recommend VIP membership for callers and gentlemen looking for serious or open relationships with celebrities and top models. Both members ‘and non-members’ requests will be touched personally and promptly as always, however members receive priority attention and many additional privileges.

Penalties Safety of our ladies is especially important for our company. In this sense, we take all the necessary measures to protect the ladies we work with. Any inappropriate behavior towards one lady, such as violence, inappropriate language, blackmail, intimidation, threats, harassment or similar things, will be reported to law enforcement. At the same time, the meeting will be canceled, the amounts of money paid will be withheld and, if necessary, it will be possible to request compensation from both the company and the person involved in the reported incident.